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Halloween: Are we putting on costumes or embracing who we truly are?

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What is it about dressing up like Catwoman that makes us feel confident and sexy and bold? What is it about dressing up like Batman that makes us feel strong and powerful and brave? And why do these feelings go away when we're back in our own skin?

Halloween is such an interesting holiday. We spend time choosing the perfect costume for whichever superhero or villain or fantasy character we want to become for a night. We put on the masks, capes, makeup, wigs, and props; and somehow we are able to embody that character. We embrace their courage by doing the unimaginable and going up to the girl or guy at the party we wouldn’t dare talk to otherwise. We embrace their confidence by strutting around in whatever crazy costume we picked and not feeling the least bit embarrassed. We embrace their power by believing in ourselves, even if just for a night.

Then we go back home and shed the costume off. We change into our sweats, take off all the makeup, and remove the crazy hair and props. But why do we shed the courage and confidence and power we so easily embodied just hours before?

If you know anything about Catwoman and Batman then you know full well that they were not anything special. They were just normal human beings with no extraordinary superpowers that simply wanted to make a difference in the world. Sure they put on their leather outfits and bulletproof vests and had more gadgets then we probably ever will. But underneath it all was just a woman and a man who embraced who they were truly meant to be.

What would it be like if you chose not to shed that confidence this Halloween? What would it be like if you clung tight to the strength and bravery that kept you in character all night long? What would it be like if you used that fun and crazy night to begin practicing being YOU?

This Halloween I challenge you to embrace who you truly are.

Maybe the silly costumes can be a good avenue for you to start. And maybe, when you get home that night and shed off all the external jargon, you will find joy in putting your own skin back on and knowing full well that YOU were the one behind the mask all along.


Sarah Jamison

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