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Relationship Counseling

Making the decision to seek counseling can be a daunting process, especially when it comes to relationship counseling. Seeking counseling for you and your partner is a sign of strength in your relationship though, and should not be seen as a negative. If you are interested in pursuing couples counseling, our therapists at Voyages have helped countless pairs find renewed satisfaction in their relationship and we can help yours, too. Learn about our approach to relationship counseling and what to expect from your sessions below. 

Premarital counseling is a special type of counseling in which a couple sits down with a therapist and prepares for married life. Premarital counseling is designed to simply help strengthen the relationship, ensuring that it is built on a healthy, solid foundation of mutual love and respect.  

During these sessions, you, your partner, and your therapist will work together to identify potential vulnerabilities in each individual and the relationship that could potentially lead to conflict or miscommunication down the road. Your therapist will help you and your future spouse learn healthy communication tactics, coping activities, and conflict-resolution techniques to ensure a more stable, successful marriage. 

Your first session of couples counseling can be very intimidating. However, studies show that relationship counseling is effective in over 75% of relationships. What can you expect from relationship counseling? Well, as much as you put into it. The first session will likely be spent allowing your therapist to learn more about you two as individuals and as a couple. However, as your therapist gets to know you and your partner on a more personal level, they can help identify underlying themes, personality traits, and past histories that may affect your relationship, some that you may not have even recognized. Once these factors have been identified and communicated, the three of you can work together to identify goals in your relationship for moving forward. 

Over time, conflict can arise in any relationship. Or maybe instead, it feels that a great amount of space has developed between you and your partner. To get the most out of your sessions, both you and your partner should be committed to reaching the goals laid out by your therapist. No lasting relationship can remain one sided. In your sessions, you may need to reconcile with past problems that may be affecting your current relationship. By the end of your time in counseling, you and your partner will have a tool kit of techniques to quickly handle and repair conflicts when they arise. 

One of our most experienced relationship therapists, Jeff Walz MA, LPC, offers a comprehensive couples therapy program known as Finding Solutions. This step-by-step program offers couples a chance to reconnect by first understanding themselves and how they got where they are today. Then,  Jeff will work with couples to identify past or current stressors in the relationship and work to evolve past them, together. The goal of this program is to help couples find new perspectives and chart a more satisfying, stable course for the relationship. Click the link below to start you and your partner’s journey to a more happy, fulfilling relationship. 

New clients are offered one free session, valued at $130. 

Jeff Walz, MS, LMFT .png

Many of our therapists across our three office locations in Central Park, Centennial, and Colorado Springs offer relationship and premarital counseling. However, we know how important the relationship is between you and your therapist is to get the most out of your sessions. To help your therapist selection process, our therapists offer free, no-obligation phone consultations. During these consultations, you can get a better understanding of the therapist’s specialities, background, and counseling philosophies surrounding relationships. Get started on building the relationship you deserve today. 

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