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Therapist Jobs at Voyages Counseling


Join Us at the Intersection of Your Potential and Your Purpose

At Voyages Counseling, we believe in the transformative power of compassionate counseling. We are looking for like-minded individuals to join us in our pursuit of mental well-being. If you are a passionate counselor looking for therapist jobs, we are your destination. 


We value the unique skills and perspectives that new therapists bring, and we are committed to providing a platform for growth and professional development. Together, let's make a difference in people's lives, helping them embark on a journey toward greater mental richness and well-being. Explore fulfilling opportunities with us and be part of a team that truly makes a positive impact every day.

We are currently hiring for Masters or PhD Level Clinicians (Therapists/Counselors/Psychologists) - No Interns at this time

Therapist Jobs That Fulfill Your Goals

We are a team of experienced and skilled therapists trusted by clients to help them on their journey to mental well-being. We didn’t get to where we are on our own. We did it with the full force of our team that, with compassion and knowledge, helps our clients achieve their mental wellness goals. 


Just like we encourage our clients to pursue the best versions of themselves, we also support each member of our team to achieve their true potential.

Our Employer Mission

Empower Therapists, Enrich Lives


Voyages Counseling strongly believes that a supported team can have an outsized impact on the community they serve.


Therapist Jobs – How Does Voyages Counseling Support Its Team?

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Therapist Arc Coaching Program: We are proud of “Therapist Arc,” our unique support and coaching program that provides you with the mentorship, resources, and sounding board you may need as your reach for your professional aspirations.

Empathetic Leadership: Voyages Counseling was founded and is still run by therapists. We’ve been through the journey you are on. We know that therapist jobs are as challenging as they are rewarding. When building out resources for our team, we use our own experiences and challenges as a guiding light to help you balance your career and your mental wellness.

Collaborative Approach: At Voyages Counseling, we view everything through a human lens. We know that impactful results are born out of teamwork and collaboration. You can count on the support of your team members at any point. 

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Comprehensive Mental Well-Being: You aren’t just an individual required to see a certain number of clients every week. Therapist jobs at Voyages are all about approaching mental wellness through a holistic lens. You will collaborate closely with other modalities such as neurofeedback, functional medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, coaching, and many others. 

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Logistical Support: We provide you with all the administrative support you will need to ensure you deliver your services to clients without hassle. These include supervision, supplies, office space, marketing, insurance, and more.

In our quest to encourage fresh perspectives and committed therapists, we offer opportunities to licensed and unlicensed individuals. You’ll receive the same support, but commission rates will differ.

Therapist Job Requirements at Voyages Counseling

  • Education: Currently, we are only accepting therapist job applications for Masters and PhD Level Clinicians.

  • Commission-Ready Mindset: Therapist jobs at Voyages are a good fit for you if you have a commission-ready mindset. We offer a 50% commission for unlicensed practitioners. If you stay on when you are licensed, you have the opportunity to earn over 70% commission depending on your role and caseload. Salary is paid once every month based on your commission. 

  • Ethical Standards and Cultural Awareness: We hold our team to the highest standards of ethics and awareness. If you are applying for therapist jobs at Voyages, please know that client confidentiality and an awareness of various cultural influences are an integral part of your role.

​We are excited to partner with you to deliver exceptional mental healthcare to our community. If Voyages Counseling sounds like your professional destination, please submit your resume, license information, and references via the form below. We will contact you for the interview process if we feel you are a good cultural fit.

We look forward to getting to know you and having you on our team.


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