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We are currently hiring for Masters or PhD Level Clinicians (Therapists/Counselors/Psychologists)

  • We are looking for highly motivated therapists who have a passion to truly impact our community and world with their work! Voyages is different than your typical group private practice in that we focus on you, the Therapist, and your growth. We do this by providing the normal things such as supervision, supplies, office space, marketing, etc. but where we truly shine is our dedication to the Therapist. We have a coaching program that you can elect to be a part of that focuses on your growth as a therapist, your career, your aspirations, your struggles, your impact.

  • At Voyages, we are owned and run by therapists who are still actively working in the field. Therefore, we understand first-hand the joys and challenges of being a therapist. We have been on the journey that many of you are currently on, or perhaps just starting out. Our belief is that by investing in helping you become the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally, the world will benefit, and we will all be blessed.

  • At Voyages you are not just a number, not just a therapist required to see “so many clients per week”, you are part of us. We have a collaborative approach to everything we do and we truly listen and work with you to make the impact you are meant to.

  • Learn more about our "Therapist Arc" coaching program and the benefits of joining a culture that prioritizes innovative thinking within a relational model.

  • At Voyages, we are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. We understand that true health goes beyond traditional therapy sessions, which is why we collaborate closely with other modalities such as neurofeedback, functional medicine, chiropractic, nutrition, coaching, and many others. We believe that working together is essential to achieving optimal health and wellness, and we highly value the insights and perspectives of other treatment providers. Our goal is to help our clients navigate all the different factors that contribute to their well-being without feeling overwhelmed.

Our clinicians work on a contract basis, receiving comprehensive support to establish their own private practice within our group. We offer office space, supplies, supervision, liability insurance, insurance credentialing, billing management, administrative support, marketing and advertising, networking, and opportunities to join our podcast.

  • Pay is once a month on a commission basis: 50% commission for unlicensed, and if you stay on when licensed you have the opportunity to earn over 70% commission depending on your role and caseload. 

  • If you are interested please submit your resume, license information, and references via the form below. We will contact you for the interview process if we feel you are a good cultural fit. 





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