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Finding Solutions

By Jeff Walz, MA, LPC

Together we'll walk through how you've gotten to where you are. We will go back to the beginning to gain a 20/20 view of your past to better understand your goals, values, relationships, and behaviors. We will look at what was good? What worked and what didn’t? And how all this effected who you are today, and the situations you have found your self in? Many aspects of life we may consider irrelevant, but let's face it, you're reading this!


We will look specifically at parts of your life that may have been neglected or blown out of proportion over the years. What were they? Well, to move forward we will identify them together, It’s not too late! These may be some of the most important aspects of who you are.



Use this understanding to appreciate how life's demands change and how you need to change with them. What worked for you when you were younger may not work now. In this process, you'll grasp these natural changes and begin to understand how, in your current state, you might just be an outdated model of yourself. Isn't that a little how you feel? Isn’t it time to Evolve!



You probably haven't painted yourself into a corner. Let's look at your life together from as many different angles as we can find. This often presents you with options you never saw before and allows you to see opportunities and liabilities in a whole new light. Perhaps they weren’t what you thought? Perhaps the Voyage still awaits.  



Use your new perspectives to cognitively create new habits for yourself. Habits that apply to your life now, and constructively move you in a more satisfying direction. With any change, there is that moment when you must tell yourself, “I'm going to do this differently now.” Our process will help you get to this point, see clearly what you need to do, and take effective action toward experiencing change. This kind of change also applies to your relationships. If you behave differently when you interact with these people, eventually they'll have to respond differently to you.



Set new goals from a brand new perspective. Once you understand your life more clearly and have made effective decisions about how to bring change, then it's time to set new goals. A new direction requires revised goals with an understanding of how to achieve those goals. Only you can set those goals, and you can only do this from the perspective of the new person you've become. Get ready!

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