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Depression is an A$$hole!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Did you know Depression is an A$$hole? Well, it is! You see depression has nothing better to do than torment its patient (you). Depression's aim is always the same, to steal your joy, destroy what you love, seclude you away from those who can help, and finally, to ... you know ... end things. You see, anybody who would want that for somebody else is an a$$hole, and Depression is no different.

Reframing Depression: Externalizing the Inner Critic for Better Mental Health

A man sitting on a brown leather couch with a hand on his head and leg crossed over his knee while he is coping with depression.

This might be a weird way to talk about depression, but think about it, do YOU really desire those things for yourself? Likely not. So, it might be a good way to deal with depression by externalizing it as some kind of thing, or voice (other than yours), demon, person, or simply ... an a$$hole. This technique could be considered a part of Gestalt therapy, ACT, or even IFS. However you look at it, I have seen this be effective for many because we are facing the a$$hole eye to eye.

When you face Depression you bring it to light, and where there is light darkness has no place to live. Give the a$$hole no place to live!

So if you can imagine Depression as a thing other than you, try starting a dialogue with it. I know this is weird but stay with me here. Depression has a lot to say, and we need to hear it out, even if it's an a$$hole. Depression is very skilled at showing the world truthfully, which is where the trick lies. You see the best lies are the ones told through truth because they are easily received by our brains. So if depression is seeing the truth, then how is it a lie? Because it is showing only half of what is. Like trying to complete a puzzle depression stops the process, it convinces you to look no further because "you already know what the picture is" (despite the missing pieces). And because the picture appears plausible you believe it to be true and right, then your guard is down, and now it will steal, destroy, isolate, and win.

Be a detective! There is more than what meets the eye!

I find it weird that we are all so susceptible to the lies of Depression, I mean, who believes an a$$hole? If this is you don't worry, you are not alone, Depression is currently the number one diagnosed mental health problem in America today. If we're honest, I think we can all agree that our minds are easily misled to faulty thinking, strange ideas, half-truths, and more - Which is another great trick of Depression, persuading our lazy minds to believe that listening to it is safer, better, and more right than those other idiots. Depression encourages us to think in extremes, black and white terms, as there is no other way for depression.

Challenging Depression: Seeking Balanced Perspectives and Reality-Testing Negative Thoughts

So how do we respond to said a$$hole? Well, we have the ability to think beyond the black and white and in moderation, but sometimes we need help to see the world this way. So reach out to others and reality test the stinking thinking. If those that you ask are not also an a$$hole, then maybe their opinion might hold a bit more water. I mean, Depression's view of reality/history, which is revisionist and biased, can't be the only view right?

Defying Depression: Counteracting Negative Beliefs with Positive Actions and Mindsets

Challenge the A$$hole!!!

As I mentioned before, we need to start seeing depression as other than us, reality test it, and then do the opposite of what it says. As an example, if depression says to isolate then go out with friends and family; or if it dissuades you from caring for yourself because "nobody cares" then take care of yourself. If it says that you are not good enough then claim that you are anyway. In fact, assuming that others believe that you are good enough is no crazier than believing the depression-peddling lie that you are not. Besides, can you read minds? If the answer is yes, please reach out to me. If however, you are like the rest of us idiot mortals, then you are not able to read minds. So pick the beliefs (or assumptions) that are helpful. You literally have nothing to lose here - as it goes, once you hit the bottom there is nowhere to go but up.

Our thoughts help to frame reality, and reality helps to construct our thoughts, and back again. So, get your thoughts straight, reality test, challenge the a$$hole, do the opposite, and every now and then tell it to "F" off. This way our reality starts looking a little better, and then our thoughts follow, and back again.

Please note: This blog is not a substitute for getting help. If you benefit from this article please share it with your friends and family. If you need more help please click here and reach out today.

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