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Mandy Yamamoto PhD. LPC #16491, ACD #1480 

  • Centennial - 6909 S. Holly Circle, Suite 304, Centennial, CO. 80112

  • Telehealth Counseling 

Insurances Accepted:
  • Aetna​

  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 

  • Evernorth

  • Medicaid (Region 3 & 5)​

Out of Pocket Rates:
  • 130.00 per clinical hour (50 min)​


Like the cliché of most therapists, I got into this field because I wanted to help others. As time has gone by, I realized I got into this field because I find enormous satisfaction in helping others. My passion lies in the process of working through the best of times and the worst of times, the sadness and the happiness, the stuff we hold onto too long, and the overwhelming situations we currently face daily. My style of therapy is to embrace and face whatever negative emotions, traumatic events, hurt, loss, or ambivalence is bringing you into therapy, and work alongside you to feel, understand, act, and continue forward towards a fulfilling, empowered next step. 

One of my primary specialties has been working with people who may have issues with their use of substances like alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills, or other substances. Many times we increase our drinking or substance use to relieve anxiety, stress, or sadness, but this may become a problem if it begins to interfere with our daily life, work, or relationships. I have worked in detox, residential treatment, and outpatient settings treating individuals working towards reducing substance use or maintaining sobriety. 

Another of my primary specialties and the focus of my doctoral research centers on the unique experiences of the LGBTQ+ community. Coming out, managing microaggressions or lack of support, combating stereotypes, traumatic experiences, substance use, depression, and anxiety are all issues that may impact this community. In general, I am very interested in how cultural differences impact our worldview and strive to continually update my understanding of those with lived experiences differing from my own. 

Additionally, I enjoy working with individuals who are simply working through feelings of anxiety and/or depression, dealing with past traumatic events, or who are dealing with grief, loss, or a life transition. 


What Will Sessions Be Like?

Therapy is challenging, emotionally intense at times, and different than other relationships in our lives. However, therapy can be enjoyable, relaxing, and helpful when you find the right therapist for you! As a therapist, I definitely believe in the healing power of humor. I will work with you to talk through highly emotionally-charged or difficult situations to speak out loud. My therapy space is a non-judgmental zone where you can feel free to use the space and time to discuss the issues important to you. I view the therapy relationship as more of a partnership; you are the expert on your thoughts and feelings, and I’m the guide who helps reframe and challenge certain lenses you might be using to view an experience or a part of your life. 


Education and background
  • I graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, IL with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Spanish Language in 2012.

  • In 2017, I graduated from the University of Miami with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology.

Currently, I am working on my dissertation at Capella University for a Ph.D. in Advanced Human Behavior, with an expected graduation date of March 2021. 

When I’m just a regular human being outside the therapy office, I try to split my time equally between football and everything else in my life. I have an adorable dwarf hamster named Ivar the Boneless after the Viking conqueror. I enjoy playing flag football and hiking in the mountains and barbecuing until snow covers the grill (sometimes after if I can brush it off).

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