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Danielle Martinelli-Taylor, MA, LPC # 17487


  • Central Park - 2011 Dallas St., Aurora, Co. 80010

  • Telehealth

Insurances Accepted:
  • Anthem BCBS​

Out of Pocket Rates:
  • 130.00 per clinical hour (50 min)​


First and foremost, no matter where you are, I am so glad you are taking this step for your health. For those that have experienced trauma, crisis, loss, hurt, or abuse, seeking help can be one of the hardest steps. But, you don’t have to do it alone. Working through physical, emotional, and sexual trauma or other life struggles and difficulties is a task I want to walk with you in. 

Trauma and loss can take all different forms and sit in our body and mind in a variety of uncomfortable ways. I take a holistic and somatic approach when working with an individual, which means I hope to incorporate what is happening emotionally, physically, mentally, and, if desired, spiritually for you. Through my experience of counseling survivors of sex trafficking, I have encountered very difficult stories and complex trauma. A common question I receive is “am I crazy?” or “I know I sound crazy” due to the intense body and brain reactions that have manifested from the traumatic experiences, but there is a reason you are feeling that way which we can examine and work toward healing. I also have experience with addictions going hand-in-hand with childhood or present-day hurts, which can also be explored and understood to gain resources for freedom. 

I worked overseas for a few years within many diverse and rich cultural traditions which have afforded me a broader awareness of those that are different from me. In learning about people in their home country I know I can also learn from you, and I desire to incorporate your experience into the therapy room. Counseling teenagers with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and young adults wrestling with their identity, anxiety, and depression has additionally influenced my own practice and work. I want your goals to shape our time together, and we can explore what the best approach is to help you where you are at. But most importantly, I hope to build a safe and secure space with you in which you can feel known, heard, and free to bring whatever is happening. 

Education and Background: 

I am EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) trained and can explore the benefits and process with you. EMDR is a trauma-based therapy modality that allows for clients to see their own strength to heal. I have gained training in Seeking Safety (a PTSD and addictions course), Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing course, Jennifer Sweeton’s intensive trauma treatment certificate, and nutritional and integrative medicine training for mental health professionals. I have training in different religious traditions, including Christian counseling, if you desire to incorporate that into the therapy room.  

I graduated with my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, a CACREP accredited program, and received my BA in Communications from Elon University in NC.  

Outside of work,  I try to visit New Orleans to see family and enjoy the amazing food and jazz as much as I can. I also will always choose DC superheroes over Marvel, and enjoy baking and boxing in my free time. I think exploring and trying what is uncomfortable and new is hard, but can be seeds that lead to growth, which is why I am honored to do this work and see others grow in their strength and power.