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Centennial Therapy

Welcome to Voyages Counseling. We are a professional counseling service in Centennial, CO. Voyages offers individual, child, marriage, and family therapy. With the changes and challenges of everyday life, everyone could use a helping hand to guide through the turbulence. If you or a loved one are struggling to overcome certain challenges or have been faced with an unexpected change, Voyage’s therapists are here to offer guidance, identify goals, and find effective solutions. Our goal is to create a comfortable, affirming atmosphere for every client we encounter. Each one of our therapists has years of experience helping clients navigate the relationships in their lives or find a new path to follow. 


We understand how important it is to find a counselor that is the right fit for you. With this in mind, Voyages offers free, no-obligation consultation phone calls with our therapists.

  • Anxiety/Depression

  • Family Therapy

  • Child Therapy

  • Grief/Loss

  • Life Transitions

  • Self-Esteem/Confidence

  • LGBTQ+ Counseling

  • Substance Abuse

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Couples Therapy

  • Divorce

  • Adult ADHD/ADD

  • Career Counseling

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Marriage/Couples Therapy

Adult ADHD

Trauma EMDR

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Couples Therapy
Marriage Counseling
Family Therapy

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Substance Abuse 
LGBTQ+ Counseling
Past Trauma 
Life Transitions

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Family Counseling
Adolescent Therapy
Child Therapy

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Relationship Counseling 
Premarital Counseling

Crystal Walters, MA, LMFT.png

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Anxiety & Depression

Couples Therapy

Life Transitions

Cheri Redwine, MA, LPC.png

Child Therapy
Family Therapy

Past Trauma

Margaret Bylsma, MA, MFTC.png

Family Therapy
Child Therapy 
Past Trauma 

While we all may wish otherwise, everyone will experience grief and loss at some point, or multiple points, in our lives. How we experience grief and loss may look different from person to person, whether that be losing a beloved family member, a cherished relationship ending, or a change in one’s financial situation. Losing a cherished relationship or something we hold dear can change and challenge us, creating roadblocks in our present relationships which make moving forward difficult. Grief can cause people to feel a wide range of emotions. They may feel angry, alone, or lost, or maybe it feels as if life itself has stopped making sense. 


If you or your family are coping with a loss, our therapists will help you find strategies to process your grief in a healthy way. Together, you and your therapist will find your unique path towards acceptance and healing. We aim to create an atmosphere where you will feel comfortable to share, listen, and reflect inward.

Sometimes children and teens experience problems in their lives that they can’t cope with on their own. If your child is struggling with problems at home, at school, or with their health, therapy could be a great option. Child therapy sessions might look different for your child, depending on your child’s age and the problems your child is working to address. If your child is younger, their sessions might include drawing, playing games, and talking about certain issues in language your child can understand. If your child is older, then your child and their therapist may talk through certain issues, do activities, and work to learn the skills they need to build healthy coping strategies.

Making the decision to seek professional help in your relationship can be a hard, but critical choice for married couples. Just like a car or house, regular maintenance is necessary in ensuring your relationship is functioning properly. Couples counseling can be very effective, especially if couples seek out counseling sooner, rather than later. Perhaps lags in communication or an unexpected challenge has created conflict and disconnect within your relationship. For couples preparing to enter into a marriage, premarital counseling can be a great way to set the groundwork for a successful marriage. Regardless of your reasoning for seeking counseling, Voyages therapists are here to help. Our goal is to help change broken patterns of interaction and strengthen emotional connection and communication between partners. For counseling to be effective, partners should be ready to set realistic expectations for their partner, themselves, their marriage, and be receptive to learning new conflict resolution skills. 

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